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Niki/Peter Fanvids (YouTube It)

Okay, here are some GOOD Niki/Peter vids i've found online. And yes, the icky-pairenss has gone apeshit with making Niki the enemy in a lot of the pathetic "triangle" fanvids! Seriously some of the crap they set up using Niki is just disgusting. It's bad enough that Claire is jailbait, and Peter is her "older" uncle! Let's just throw in Niki by making it look like she's being "punished" by Peter because of Claire's "death" ? WTF? And you wonder why I have little patience for these days! I'm an Ali Larter (Niki/Jessica) fan first...then Peter (Milo)...you know, it kind of annoys the living hell out of me. Anyhow, enough of my rant. i have to cleanse the filth of looking through youtube for decent vids of our couple.
P.S. - I'm leaving this post public so that the fans who made the vids can see our community. Any bashing comments will be deleted on spot.

(Video Above ^^^^ ) CLAIRE is supposed to be YOUNG NIKI! Muwahaha! And Niki is Niki! Love it!



thankies, never seen some of those before ^_^
Oooh, haha, for the video where Claire is supposed to be "young Niki" I was totally frikkin' confused as to the random placement of Niki clips until I finished the video and scrolled down to read the vid explanation. D'oh! Now I have to watch it again.
Yeah i thought that was funny! LMAO