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Peter/Niki FanFic Authors *PLEASE READ* IMPORTANT

I wanted to make this quick but yet important to all the fanfic writers here for Niki/Peter stories. We have a new fanfiction archive for NP (still working out some of the little kinks and errors. some text is written in german, so strange, I know, lmao.) Anyhow, I'm requesting and asking ALL the writers here in Fated Black who have posted a fanfic, if they'll consider signing up for the Fanfic Archive and upload their fics there :)

If you're not sure about which stories you've added but want to find out? Fated Black members can check the MEMORIES section of this community you'll see the listed fan fictions that are there.

So if it's no problem and you'd like to save your fanfiction of NP for all the world to read and love, please take this chance to post/upload your fanfic here  HTTP://WWW.NIKIANDPETER.COM/FANFIC


Leaving this a public post as an open call to all fanfic writers interested in the challenge of writing good Niki/Peter fanfics.


Well, I added the only three I have so far. Good luck on getting more.
I'm hoping that Season Two will give me more plot bunnies, because I've about run out for the Five Years Gone universe. Unless I wanted to do a longer fic...