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tabid in niki_peter

Love Peter and Niki

Hello everyone my name is Tabitha or Tabby as most people call me. I also go by the username HazelEyes19. Anywho I'm so glad to have found some Nite fans around here. I thought I and some others on FF.net might have been the only ones who loved these two but glad to know that there is more. Anywho I just wanted to introduce myself and hope to see more stories around these two more. I'm thinking about doing a site myself but never have been good at it in the past.  


welcome to the community :) If you need any site help let us know :)

btw, whenever you get the chance please friend-lock your entry :D
Thanks for the welcome. You know I just might take yout offer on the site helping. I'm kind of new to this so where do you go to friend lock your entry?
if you check out the Newbie Guide at the button beneath the banner you'll find out how to friend lock your entry :)

Any questions or help about site stuff in specific let us know :)