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Jul. 31st, 2007

me. manga, face me


Ali & Milo ( ALLO ) Community


       Just announcing that the ALLO (Ali/Milo) Lj Community has been created for fans of the actors and their on and off the set working relationship.


Jul. 29th, 2007

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Community Membership & Posting

Hi! I'm making this public post for people interested in joining this community. In the past we've had requests to join from Lj members whose journals have been inactive for a very long time and who have not posted Ali,Milo or Niki/Peter in their interests. Naturally, the mods and I have to wonder what makes people interested in joining. Our major concern has always been activity and keeping the Niki/Peter love alive.

Also, in the early stages of the community there were a lot of haters, and people taking fan arts and re-making them to suit their own shipper's preference. I'm not talking about stills, I'm talking about fan arts (images already collaged) together as well as fanvids. It's one thing not to support Niki/Peter but to have people come in and remake someone else's work is just wrong.

So, we're protective of also members whose work in the past have been "swiped". If you're really interested in joining the community, and really enjoy these two together and appreciate them,  please add your comment below about why you would want to join the community.



*Mod Squad*

Jul. 16th, 2007



Title Trouble

OK, I need a title. Actually, I need two titles.

I am writing a fic about the Petrelli's as a mob family with Niki closely involved .(Yes, I really have lost it. I blame the Hiatus) and I need a title for the fic and a name for a shady club. Any suggestions? I will of course give credit in my authors notes.

Jul. 7th, 2007

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IMPORTANT - It's That Time Again...Membership & Community

Hi everyone! I wanted to leave a note about community membership. July is the two month mark for participation in the community. Now, those who are new members, clearly that doesn't account for you. Another reason we have created membership to be based on maintainer's approval is so that we can keep track of which month members have joined, etc. So it works out fairly.

People who have commented or posted twice since May are okay. Those who haven't posted or commented but have been been a member from the beginning and since may should contact us at our e-mail nikiandpeter@gmail.com before being taken off the community.

Once again, this isn't to make the community exclusive as much as it is to make it more active. Believe me, I understand better than anyone how life gets really crazy. But two months is a long time to completely brush off a community without a word to anyone via comment or post. Heck you can even make a post saying, "Gonna travel abroad, won't be online", and that's okay. You'll still be a member of this community. Why? Because it shows that you still have interest in the community but are caught up at the moment.  It happens from time to time. However, when someone doesn't show up for a long time, doesn't comment, or participate in anyway other than signing up? It leads the mods and I to wonder the intentions of being a member. The Niki & Peter fandom is a small community for now but it has always been my hope we could all share our excitement and know each other as well as get involved with the show. I know a lot of us here have shared fanfiction, fanart, and devoted time to helping me launch the NP site this week. And it's truly appreciated here. So sorry to be a downer, but thought I needed to make the announcement before we  take any action.

Jun. 22nd, 2007



Fanlisting + Icons + Art

I was accepted to own the official (or really approved by TFL.org) fanlisting for relationship of Niki Sanders and Peter Petrelli. I'm proud to say that the fanlisting is finished:

I also come baring 1 manip that I used in the layout of the fanlisting. And from it I created 6 icons. Enjoy!


Jun. 21st, 2007

me. manga, face me



Hi everyone! So as you know I had to upgrade the software and work on the template and design. Well after 12 hours of tweaking working, and fixing the layout it's finished :) Just a warning, Internet Explorer users might find there's a little bit of a compatibility issue, the "advance" search text is misaligned...this is a browser issue. I use Firefox because it is essentially one of the best browsers for a PC if you want to check it out, go to http://www.mozilla.com

Other than that, this layout is here to stay for a long time :) Please feel free to post your arts and fanfics there as well as in this community :)

Gotta Go, I'll be back later! :D

Jun. 8th, 2007

CH <3



Screen Name: Rogue_Missy

Where Are You From? New Hampshire, USA

What You Love About Niki/Peter: I loved them in Five Years Gone because they're pairing made sense. They were brought together by the same devastating tragedy and they were both broken and brooding (and sexy) people.

Favorite Kind of Fandoms (fanvideos,fanfic,fanart, etc): I love them all. Fanfics are what keeps Niki/Peter alive for me though.

What Are Your Favorite Moments Between Niki/Peter? I loved when they're paths collided in the finale! It was too perfect. She jumped right in to help him and thats how he got her strength. It was such a "hell yeah, destiny's coming full circle" kind of a moment.

Favorite Song That Reminds You of Them? Mmm. I play my Hinder CD all the time and the song Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know) reminds me of them in FYG perfectly. It talks about the guy drinking his pain away, trying to make things right.

Other TV Shows You Watch: Prison Break and Smallville are the biggest, then there's Greys, One Tree Hill, CSI, House, and Bones, you get the idea.

Thanks for opening this community. Ever time a see a post I'm reminded of how awesome this ship is.

Jun. 6th, 2007

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*FORUM NEWS* Part 3 - Yeah, Another One!

Okay, as much as I LOOOOVE Niki/Peter, it sure as hell says a lot when I spend literally hourse formatting the new forum! Anyhow, this post isn't about my pouty-pout frustrations. It's a short announcement.

Late last night // Early Morning (however you want to look at it) there was a server error that essentially messed up my files in the database where I house our forum. Lucky paranoid me, I backed up my information. Sad part? We loss data. Yup. Anyone who signed up as a member OR made any posts as of  late afternoon through evening yesterday will find their data is gone :( So anyone who joined and can't log in? Yeah, again. It's a pain in the ass but 98% of content is intact! I know the layout isn't spiffy yet but I'm working on it :D Thanx for all your patience :D

Jun. 5th, 2007

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*Lost Souls* PART 2 - FORUM UPDATE

SAFE to say, the forum HAS BEEN UPDATED!!! YAY! However, the layout is very VERY basic. BOO! I'm working on it now :) Also, We are open to anyone who is interested in joining the moderations/site team for Lost Souls (Peter/Niki) Site :)

I'm geek-ily excited because the layout and options on permissions, settings, and options for even members to post are more user friendly :)
me. manga, face me



HI EVERYONE :) Okay, so busy busy day, so i'll cut to the chase. The current software used to run our Forum/Message Board has been upgraded. I just found out about it today, so i'll be working  a pretty good chunk of the time upgrading. So anyone who goes to the site might get caught up in the middle of the process.

Now, It's been a SUPER long time since the software I use for the forum has been upgraded and i haven't done this before. Taking into mind Murphy's Law, I don't know what this could mean for our current status and membership. There is a chance some things may get lost in transition. If it does happen, please take the time to register again :) I've backed up everything, so worse case scenario I'd have to go to an older model...but I doubt it :) Anyway, any questions and thoughts place post here :)



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