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me. manga, face me

themoviegrrl in niki_peter

Heroes Addiction *New Affiliate*

Just making this public post to let everyone know some NP folks and Heroes fans have made a new Heroes fan site complete with a great gallery, news, and new message board :D

I'm also going to be working on staff helping out with the forums, so stop by and sign up. It just started it's still finding its feet, but all other parts of the site are completely awesome! I think it'll be a great place for NP and Heroes fans to touch base :)



It looks great, love the fact in the banner DL's looking down on them. Awesome ^_^

I was wondering if -

1. You'd like to affiliate with heroesland?

2. If I, or you, if that was better, could post a promo post about it (trying to get more members, esp before the new season begins!)? [however, if not this, I understand!]